Client Services

We offer a wide range of corporate finance and financial sector advisory services.

Our M&A activity concentrates on the SME sector where we represent both the buy and the sell sides. We aid companies in optimizing their exit strategy, dispose of their minority holdings or grow through a series of acquisitions to become the industry leader in their respective field. We help our clients to raise capital via bank loans or debt issuance and via equity investments by angel investors and venture capital. In this capacity we assist in valuations and appraisals and can act as sourcing agents for inbound investors.

In financial services we advise domestic and foreign banks, brokerages, insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds, trading platforms, custodians and financial technology providers on product and sales strategies. We aim not just to create ideas, but to roll out and implement these in a highly efficient manner. Through our distribution and sales strategy consultations, we enable our clients to turn from laggards into champions.

Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance advisory can assist you with the planning and execution of corporate finance transactions to support either your company's growth or your exit. Our services include capital raising, M&A advisory - sell and buy-side, acquisition strategy and company valuations.

Company valuation

By using various valuation models and methods adequately for each different company, our aim is to determine the fair market value of our clients’ firms. In order to assign an established fair market value we first perform an in-depth analysis of the business model, operations and processes. Valuation can be a standalone project or an integral part of the below services.

Capital Raising

When your company’s optimal growth potential cannot be realized due to lack of funds, DCF Consulting will assist you in raising capital including equity and debt financing. We provide full support throughout the process, from valuation to selecting suitable investors/lenders and guide you through negotiations as well as structuring terms in a way that fits your business plan the most. We work closely with angel investors and venture capitalists, and have access to private deal-flow not available otherwise.

M&A advisory

We provide full-scale project management services during the process through valuation, due diligence, negotiation phase and final preparation to successfully closing the transaction. During the preparation phase we strive to understand your business to the last degree and by doing so come up with improvements that make you more appealing to potential suitors/targets. Using our extensive network we also assist in identifying and approaching potential buyers/sellers.

Acquisition strategy

Adapting to our clients’ needs, we map the target industry and aim to present a shortlist of potential acquisition candidates bearing in mind specific market dynamics. The second phase involves profiling and screening the selected targets, evaluating those companies, appraising synergies, and if desired taking part in the negotiation phase.

Financial sector advisory

Our core competences include product development, sales & distribution strategy, financial technologies advisory, and research & surveys. We provide these services to different participants of the financial sector like domestic and foreign banks, brokerages, insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds, trading platforms, custodians and financial technology providers aiming to improve their business.

Research & surveys

We map the competitive landscape and help to identify niches and gaps where our clients can quickly make their mark. We use different methodologies to analyze costs-benefits to support decision-making on entry/exit of specific (sub)-segments or product groups.

DCF Consulting regularly conducts client satisfaction surveys in various subsectors within the financial industry to help our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and to obtain a fair and unbiased judgement on their services that can be further employed in product development, sales improvements or in evaluating and measuring workforce/management performance.

Product development

We assist our clients in becoming industry leaders by creating and implementing our innovative ideas in a wide range of sectors such as banking, brokerage, insurance, asset management and much more. We help to create alternative, out-of-the box solutions and products. We do our utmost to comprehend your organisation, your values, and your strengths and constrains so we can provide a tailor-made advisory service to fit your needs.

Sales & distribution strategy

Our driving force when advising financial sector players is to have an immediate impact on their P/L. We pull all the stops not just to create new products or add-on features, but to translate these into tangible benefits for all parties concerned. Therefore we see sales and distribution as an integral part of the product development cycle and get these teams onboard early on to receive valuable feedback and achieve maximum impact right after the launch.

DCF Consulting can boost your sales engine by adding new distribution channels and adopting fresh techniques and approaches. We organize workshops to educate and train sales teams and also help to create the right narrative to be communicated.

Financial technology advisory

Our unbiased advice draws on many years of experience dealing with both financial institutions and FinTech providers. Our aim is to help our clients to find and implement the solution that fits their business model the most, whilst also getting the highest possible return on their IT investment.

We also assist new FinTech entrants to the market to gain fast traction by leveraging our unparalleled market intelligence and network.